2020 Donation for your Lions Club

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


President Robert here and I wanted to thank you for joining Yosemite CP Lions. We have had a successful 1st-year and I wanted to extend well wishes on behalf of the Board of Directors and our families. As we approach the end of the year our club is already looking toward the future and planning service projects for 2021! We need your help to ensure that we can continue to serve our communities and complete renovations to help provide camp for youth.

As a member of Yosemite CP Lions, you make a difference by providing a camping experience that lasts a lifetime. We ask that you make a donation to our Club's admin fund to cover the costs of maintaining our club for the 2020 closing year. Please consider making a one-time donation of $40, $100, $500 CLICK HERE.

I wish I had a chance to meet you all this year up at camp but due to the chaos of 2020, it's not been the ideal. A chartering club has a chance to set a new direction for its members. I look forward to finding that with you in 2021 with hope and inspiration. In the next few weeks, one of our directors or club members will be reaching out to you to touch base. They will be sending a text message seeing if you are free to chat. Please message us back we would love to get to know you better. We are all in this for one reason.

We Serve.

Lion Robert (Zilla)

If you haven't added us on Facebook yet this is what your missing. Please like us and join us in 2021 as Camp opens up again. WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP.

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