"How to have a Lion attitude"

Hello fellow Lions each month I would like to share a story or arti

cle from Lions around the world. This months article is not necessarily a "Lion" member but is an article on "How to have a Lion attitude" written by Vincent Owee.

I myself joined Lions International many moons ago and in 2018 I stepped down from being an active member. Now I didn't say I quit being a Lion but I did stop being active in my local club. I was busy working on my path and needed to focus on a project that I was working on named RCC Merced County. In that time I would run in to fellow Lions and the running joke was that I was still a Lion, I just wasn't paying dues. A year passed and one day PCC Logan McKechnie reached out to me. He was telling me about an opportunity to help charter a new cyber Lions club focused on California Lions Camp (Camp Pacifica). Well I just finished the year I dedicated to the RCC project and It wasn't hard to sell me on helping. That leads us to today, I now stand with you ready to work with you and walk into the darkest corners and shine through all of challenges in life as a Lion. We will help those in need and be kind to all. Thank you for trusting me to be your President and know we are all leaders working for the same goals.

We Serve

Lion Zilla


This says it all. Please take a few minutes and check out this article.

"How to have a Lion attitude" written by Vincent Owee.

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