My favorite event in the dark.

For a district social evening, I planned a Dining in the Dark event.  But there were many different ways to go about this.  For some, people were seated and were served by persons who were blind and visually impaired.  Others involved one course served in low light.  Because the focus of Lions service was vision, I wanted to experience blindness for the meal and  I purchased sleep masks.

When Lions checked in they could choose to be blindfolded or assist a blindfolded person.  The social time was about an hour before starting dinner.  Claudia Miller who worked at VIPS - visually impaired persons - gave a relatively brief description of how to assist someone who is blind - a primer of blind etiquette.   A salad with chicken strips was served.  Just before starting the dinner line, we put our masks on.  And it was a challenge. There was "silverware" and napkins to pick up, paper plates with salad.  After we were seated we had the pledge to the flag, a patriotic song, and a blessing.  There were those who experienced vertigo and many were very uncomfortable with the masks on.  But others wore the masks through the entire meal. Then Jennifer Gass spoke about her experience with her blindness which came on gradually when she was a teen.  

Many spoke positively about this event and we did accomplish awareness of vision.

Marilyn Richardson, District Governor MD4-a1

Here is more info on dining in the dark. Enjoy

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