Road Map For 2021

Happy New Years Yosemite Camp Pacifica Lions Club, I hope everyone's year is off to a blessed start. With the current conditions of shelter in place and requests for individuals to stay at home, our club has had to slow down. Our club has had to rethink how to approach 2021. On Jan 9th we held our 1st Quarterly meeting and recorded it for those that could not make it live. I have provided a recording below for you to watch. Our meeting was on general ideas for our focus in 2021. I am asking everyone for their input of ideas for projects and activities with variables to include continued stay-at-home orders and opening up restrictions. If we plan for both scenarios, we will be able to move forward no matter what the situation. As your President, I can tell you that it has been a difficult year for planning, organizing, and executing our path forward. With this said, I want to thank ALL of our members' dedication and patients through our tough times.

We are looking for your input and ideas on planning out the "Road Map For 2021".

Members' general ideas on activities, programs, and organization will be requested and noted. I will take the following weeks to engineer the club's "Road Map for 2021". With your help, we intend to have our club in a position to succeed no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

Please feel free to send emails to our club officers:

Secretary Lion Rosie at

Vice President Jeff at

President Robert at

Yosemite CP Guiding Lion Past DG Dave

Below is our last meeting please take time to reach back with any ideas.

We Serve,

Lion Robert

209-631-5113 (cell)


Lion Zilla

Yosemite Camp Pacifica Lions Club

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